Problem calling PARDISO solver

Problem calling PARDISO solver

Hi, I got the "segmentation fault error" when trying to call the PARDISO solver. My input data consists in a matrix of 32014x32014 with about 850000 nonzeros. This data is contained in arrays that are placed in COMMON blocks.
I read something about increasing the stacksize in order to solve the problem, but I don't know how to do it. How much stack space do I need to work with such a matrix?, how can I set the stack to that size?.

Thanks in advance, Alberto

BTW, SO:Fedora 5, Arch: Intel QuadCore.

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Depending on your shell, the command would be:

ulimit -s


limit stacksize unlimited

Neither of these actually remove the limit - rather they use a predefined value from the kernel. If you are using the Intel Fortran compiler, try adding the option -heap-arrays. This will cause temporary array copies to be allocated on the heap rather than the stack.

The Intel Fortran for Linux and Mac forum is a good resource for this sort of question.

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