does mpi intel debugger manual exist?

does mpi intel debugger manual exist?

Hello again,

I am new in the HPC field, ready to learn a lot. Please,don't you know aboutsome MPI debugger tool manual/tutorialsomewhere available? How do you debugyour parallelcodes? I have not found any cookbook about it.Does Visual Studio 2003include support foranything else than aclassical single machine debugging based on dbx? Whatin the case ofIntel debugger? I can't see how to run it on the nodes during the debugging proces. (Nowadays I've just startedusing Windows platform, Intel Cluster Toolkit 3.1 for Windows, Visual Studio 2005 for Windows and Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003)


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btw: please what is the difference between mpiexec and mpirun ?

Hi Martin,

Visual Studio 2005 supports parallel debugging. Please check this document for general information

> How do you debug your parallel codes?

Personally, I prefer tracing :)

- Grigory


> please what is the difference between mpiexec and mpirun ?

On Linux, mpirun performs three actions in a row: mpdboot, mpiexec and mpdallexit. First action activates, last action terminates MPI process management daemons on each cluster node, required to spawn processes.

On Windows, process management daemon persists as system service and requires no special activation. Therefore, if supplied,mpirun would perfrm single action 'mpiexec'. Intel MPI 3.1 for Windows provides only mpiexec as there is no need in mpirun.

- Grigory

Thanks a lot, that link helped. There is still some configuration problem,beacuse some files are not found where they are expected, but will work...

Does Visual Studio needs all the files (obj + exe + log) in the shared dir where it is executed while debugging or only resulting exehas tobe shared on the nodes?

Ad tracing: Could you comment it, please?Do you mean tracing through the itac, the tracer and analyzer? To be honest while running my simulations on linux, I used gui for gnu sequential debugger and valgrind for memory leaks. Therefore I saw TotalView preview, which seemed to be excellent but the priceis really too high at the moment.

Btw, is there aWindows or Intelanalogy of valgrind?

In Visual Studio there are two options for the project Intel C++ project, VS C++ project, when I use Intel C++ the compiler in the debug mode says that mpicxx.lib compilation to *.obj is invalid. In VS C++ project is ok. What is the difference between these two project types in few words, please?

Best regards and thanks again, alsoforyourpatience ;-)


ps: Ufff, hundreds and hundreds beginner's question from my side...


well, in Visual Studio 2005 and Intel Compiler, the debug modeacts in somehow strange way, when I try to compile an Intel C++ project (a project converted to Intel C++ project in Solution Explorer properties) , the building seems to be ok but running the resulting exe in Debug mode throws an error that libmmdd.dll cannot be found and it fails. What library does it look for and why it doesn't say anything odd during the compilation andlinking?

I useda simpleopenMP code in C++, adding just /Qopenmp parameter to the command line and using libguide.lib in additional dependencies in the linker.

Thanks for some hints and best regards!


It is suprisingly solved by myself. I've googled out that if I put word PATH into Project->Debugging->Environment then it works. Can somebody explain it to me? Does PATH mean the global variable name (ehm, I added it without any meta-characters around like%PATH%, $(PATH) or any other sign that woudl tell the program that I mean a variable)

Is there a way to use Intel Debugger within Visual Studio?

Best regards


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