Setting up MPI on Windows private network

Setting up MPI on Windows private network


I have a small Windows XP private network on which I am trying to use Intel MPI Library on.

I have downloaded and installed MPI on 2 nodes. One functions as a "server" and has 2 LAN connections. One is for outside communication and one is for the private network.
Currently each node has a local user defined - both are same user name and password, but since it's a local account the domain is different.

I successfuly ran the MPI test program on each node separately without any issues.
When I try to run the MPI from the "server" node with 2 hosts - one is the local node and the other is the other node I am having problems with user credentials:
"Credentials for Node1user rejected connecting to Node2"

As it seems, the mpiexec expects the same DOMAINUSER and password to be used on both nodes - is that correct? If not how can I specify different users for different nodes?

I understand it is possible to use other ways of communicating such as SSH, but I strongly prefer to use a standard windows installation with minimum additions.


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Sorry. My bad. One of the user names was misspelled. now it works.

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