How to verify Intel Core Duo processor is enabled

How to verify Intel Core Duo processor is enabled

I would appreciate itanybody could tell me howto verify that Intel Core Duo processor is enabled.

We recently deployed about 100 Dell Latitude D620 with Intel Core Duo processor. We built them with a customized XP Build imagethat consists of the core build DVD image as well a Drivers CD that gets injected into the build with the proper drivers and also injects the HAL accordingly.

For some reason, those Drivers CDs failed to inject properly on some laptops. Consequently, I just want to verify that Duo Core processor is enabled properly, etc and I am wondering if there's a tool out there that cancan verify that 100%..



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Forgot to mention that in Device Manager, under processors, it does show 2 processors....The laptops in question work just fine; however, according to Dell, since the Drivers CD didn't inject properly, the HAL does not have the proper info about the Core Duo processor and; therefore, those laptops need to be rebuilt.

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