Dell Dimension 8400, Windows Vista, Intel 537EP PCI Modem driver

Dell Dimension 8400, Windows Vista, Intel 537EP PCI Modem driver

I have just installed Windows Vista Enterprise in my computer but unfortunately it did not recognize the Intel 537EP PCI Modem that came installed in my Dell Dimension 8400 desktop. Does anyone know when Intel is going to release the Windows Vista driver for this modem? Or, is there any other Windows Vista-compatible modem driver that I can use for the time being? Thanks a lot. Marco.

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yeah... a Vista driver for the 537ep would be nice, being they've had at least a year to work on it.

You can force an installation of the XP driver, but you will get the blue screen of death every time you boot down.

I am having the same problem you are. I really need a vista capable driver for my modem, until then I'll have to dual boot xp and vista, and disable the modem.

This is just a follow-up on my own request for the Intel 537EP PCI Modem driver. Windows Vista automatically downloaded and installed the driver into my Dell Dimension 8400 as soon as I got connected to the Internet via a cable modem (Ethernet connection). The Intel 537EP PCI Modem driverwas downloadedfrom a location The catch 22 in this saga is that I had to be connected to the Internet in order for Windows Vista to automatically download and install the driver into my computer ! Regards, Marco.

I've got the same modem (or, at least, a modem with the same chipset) and, unfortunately, Ihave no otehr means to connect to the internet so I can't get the driver I need through Windows Update. Could you somehow send me the driver?

you can visit

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