Vista 64 /Desktop utilities

Vista 64 /Desktop utilities

I am not sure if I am posting this in the right place or not so if anyone knows a better place to post this feel free to let me know. I have an intel DW965WH board with a e6300 processor. I am running Vista 64 build 5600. When I try to install Intel desktop utilities after it extracts and begins to run the installer I get an error mesage that states Intel desktop utilities can only be installed on computers with an intel motherboard. Install will now abort. Also need signed driver for "OSA I/O driver" does anyone know where to get this? Like I said this is probabally not the place to ask this but I really do not know where to look?

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I am having the same issue with the 975BX and Vista Ultimate release version. I am trying to install Active monitoring and I am getting the same error

I received the same error message in Windows Vista 32. When I ran the installation in XP compatibility mode, Desktop Utilities then ran okay. I open the Program Compatibility Wizard by searching for it in Windows Help, first, then the Help screen provides a link to open the Wizard.

I have yet to receive the 64 bit version of Vista. Hopefully, compatibility mode will work with Vista 64 as well as it has on the 32 bit version.


I must say that the VistaCompatibility Wizard will not fix the signed driver issue with the latest Intel Desktop Utilities Version

When trying to install this wonderful hardware monitoring tool, a specific error message states that the driver, "0SIAIO.SYS", is unsigned and therefore Windows Vista 64's operating system will not allow it to install.

I even trying adjusting theInternetExplorer's 7.0setting, enabling the download of "Unsigned Drivers" but this did not work, either.

I look forward to a fix from Intel regarding this issue as this is a valuable piece of software, Intel Desktop Utilities, andif I could sign or validatethe driver myself, I would, but I don't have the skills or know-how to get this wonderful program to install correctly on Vista 64 operating systems.


just rename

awServ.exe to awserv.exe

in C:Program FilesIntelIDU

and add all 3 .exe files in the same dir to ur firewall exclusion fine after that

I have the same board,Core2 Duo 6400,and put Vista 64 build just last week.

- Was unable to to even run the installer from the Intel labeled CD. File not found error even though I found the file right where the program said it could not find it. Had to do a manual install of each driver by using the "driver update" and browsing the cd.

- Downloaded (forget the version as I dont have it anymore) that Intel v3 build of desktop utilitiies. Had problems installing it, rememver clicking on "ignore".

- it would not run and I uninstalled it. Not sure what it did but the icon showed a temp guage so I assume it was some type of monitor. Clicking even on the "about" menu item did not bring up an about box nor where there any meaningful error messages in the event viewer.When uninstalling, it was unable to stop "agent" awservice but an ignore let the uninstall continue. I put in speedfan which monitors hard drives and cpu temp and had a valid signed driver.

Iwill look at this problem later as we have a pair of D865Perl boards at homethat worked fine with the old Intel Monitor on XP and Iwould rather use an intel product to monitor temp even thought that speedfan program seems excellent.

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Hello, can anyone help. I have a 945 Pvs Intel motherboard.

I have recently upgraded to vista of 64 bit, and in trying to install the desktop utilities.

I got this 64 bit program in hopes of my CPU would run a little bit cooler

I keep finding error messages and it won't let me install the program.

It is a 64 bit bored and had a 64 bit program I have looked all over this webpage and cannot find anything compatible in the desktop utilities I also have a 3.2 dual core Intel processor and it runs kinda warm and is getting warmer outside.

I really need to monitor the CPU so can anyone please help me. this program works perfectXP PRO but it won't work on vista 64 bit

Thank you

The Intel Desktop Utility was not developed for Vista x64. It is compatible with Vista x32 only. On that note I can say that even people using Vista x32 are having problems with IDU. It installs ok but when it needs to run the following Vista x32 error comes up.The Intel Desktop Utilities service ( Admin Works Agent X8 - AWServ.exe) keeps hanging whiling starting. AWServ.exe isn't even an Intel piece of software.


I am using Speed Fan 4.32 to monitor my Intel board. Running Vista 64 on a 975xbx board.

Has anyone been able to make the program work with the 64 bit version?

I tried the lower case of the file name and added the exe files to the exceptions but no success....

Anyone who was able to?

Thnak you!

I have been unable to see any sensor information on a DQ35JO mobo and Vista 32 using the latest version of IDU. I get basic information, but that's it. No fan or temperature reading even though the BIOS reports them.

Any tricks to get this to work on Vista 32 for this motherboard? Thanks.

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