Intel CMKL and MPICH2

Intel CMKL and MPICH2


I am using intel fortran and c compilers 9.0
icc (ICC) 9.0 20060120
ifort (IFORT) 9.0 20060120

Version: 1.0.3
Device: ch3:sock
Configure Options: --prefix=/h/alin/BINS/mpich2 --disable-weak-symbols


CMKL 8.1

A quick look will say that this combination should not work.
If I go to tests folder in CMKL there is no option to test against this configuration.
But I have done a small hack (I read somewhere that intel mpi20 implementation shares a lot with mpich 2).
in the folder tests/scalapack I have changed in file
the line
with this one

then I run the tests

make libem64t LIBdir=/h/alin/intel/cmkl/8.1/lib/em64t MPIdir=/h/alin/BINS/mpich2

and all of them pass.

Is it correct? Do I miss something?


The 32 bit version works, too.

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