I am working with abaqus 6.54 on a AMD opteron 64 cluster. When i use a user-subroutine, i have this problem:

ifort-8: error: could not find directory in which the set of libstdc++ include files resides

the libstdc++ files are in

and i have this path included in my path.Linux file as follows
my abaqus.env file for reference

fortCompiler = "ifort"
cppCompiler = "icpc"
if os.path.exists(os.path.join(fortDefPath, fortCompiler)):
fortCmd = os.path.join(fortDefPath, fortCompiler)
fortCmd = fortCompiler
if os.path.exists(os.path.join(ccDefPath, cppCompiler)):
cppCmd = os.path.join(ccDefPath, cppCompiler)
cppCmd = cppCompiler
compile_fortran = (fortCmd + " -c -fPIC -auto -extend_source -w90 -w95-m64 " +
"-WB -I%I")
compile_cpp = (cppCmd +
" -c -cxxlib-gcc -gcc-version=340 -Kc++eh -fPIC -Krtti " +
"-Kc++ -pc64 -Qoption,cpp,-tnone -DABQ_LINUX -DABQ_LNX86_64 " +
"-we120 -we117 -we556 -we144 -we268 -we1224 -we167 -we880 " +
"-O0 -I%I")
link_sl = (fortCmd +
" -cxxlib-gcc -gcc-version=3.4 -fPIC -i_dynamic -threads " +
"-export-dynamic -shared %E -Wl,-soname,%U -o %U %F %A %L %B " +
"-parallel -Wl,-Bdynamic -lifport -lifcoremt")
link_exe = (cppCmd +
" -i_dynamic -cxxlib-gcc -gcc-version=330 -fPIC " +
"-o %J %F %M %L %B %O -lifport -lifcoremt")

Can someone help me out with this.

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In general, you would be able to link Abaqus only with a Fortran compiler similar to the one Abaqus was built with. I don't think you can expect people on this forum to know such details by Abaqus version. That information should be available to you in your Abaqus documentation. If you have a version of Abaqus built with ifort 7.1, you will not be able to use ifort 8.1. I don't know how ifort could be using libstdc++ include files, but icpc would find the include paths according to 'g++ -print-search-dirs' using the g++ present when you install. g++ include and library directories are never found by linux environment settings. If you want to change the path used by icpc to correspond with a different g++, you will need to repeat the icpc installation with that g++. From the information below, it appears you have used multiple g++ versions in your setup, so it should not be surprising when a problem crops up.

Hi tim

Thanx for the reply.
I have verified the path using the 'g++ -print-search-dirs' . I set the path according to the one in the istall line but to no avail. later on i tried using
export GXXX_INCLUDE =/usr/include/c++/3.3 ; following the suggestion form

but now i have the following error

ifort-8: Command line warning: ignoring unknown option '-export-dynamic'
/apps/prod/abaqus/6.5-4/cae/exec/lbr/ could not read symbols: Invalid operation
ABAQUS Error: Problem during linking - ABAQUS/Standard User Subroutines

Can you please help me this. Unfortuantely i am a novice to these, so it would be of great help if you can answer in more detail.

Thanx in advance


That almost looks like you got an Abaqus library for some other platform. As I said before, some of the detail you need would have to come from your Abaqus documentation.

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