Compile mpich with ifort

Compile mpich with ifort


I have a problem whenmaking mpich work with ifort:

$ ../../bin/mpif90 -c pi3f90.f90
../../bin/mpif90: line 332: eval: -c: invalid option
eval: usage: eval [arg ...]

The ifort is working fine withf90 source codes, but mpif90 failed to compile mpi files. The env vars are all set according to the mpich installation guide. Anyone can shed some light? My system is a linux cluster (16 nodes) running redhat 2.6, ifort 8.1 and mpich 1.2.5. Thanks.


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Yibing -

You may need to turn on the F90 support when you configure MPICH. I've been told that setting the F90 environment variable (export F90=ifort) should do this automatically for the configure script.There is also an option on the MPICH configure script that will force this to build F90 support into the MPICH. Using both should guarantee that you get F90 support in your library.

Also, be sure the path to ifort is set when you configure and when you build MPICH.

-- clay

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