A Question about NUMA

A Question about NUMA

Can anyone tell me which Intel products support NUMA.
From my understanding NUMA means memory that is accessed by its own CPU (and can also be accessed by others) or shared memory that can be partitioned.


Ian Robinson

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You may need to clarify your question. As far as I know, the SGI Itanium systems are the major NUMA systems using Intel CPUs.

Hi Jim,
The 4-way Intel servers are symmetric multiprocessors (SMP), not NUMA. If you were to combine multiple SMP nodes into a cluster,each node would require its own OS image.

To combine multiple SMP servers into a NUMA configuration with a single system imagerequires special hardware. I believe the following Itanium-basedsystems areNUMA: SGI Altix, Groupe Bull NovaScale, HP Superdome, Unisys ES7000.


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