This is an interesting initiative so thanks guys.

But is this forum also accessible via a mailinglist and/or newsgroup? Browsing through all the messages would be much easier and it's also easier to read all messages offline.


BTW: your forum insists on having IExplorer or Netscape while I prefer Firefox. And since HPC users are generally not working on windows this might be an issue.

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I haven't been able to verify fully those comments about preferred browser. Only a minority of the Microsoft IE versions I have installed are capable of logging in and getting comments posted. In particular, the versions with 3790 in the version number don't log in. I've had better luck with Konqueror. Opera used to work, but today it didn't display correctly on the Forums, even though it works on more sites in general than IE, and it works OK now on It's getting to be difficult to find versions of Netscape which run at all on the newer OS versions.

Firefox is not one of the browsers supported by Intel Software Network. Per Intel Software Network Support,our next generation platformis closer to getting Mozilla validated as one of the supported browsers, but its not official yet.

What has been your preference or experience with Mozilla? Is Firefox a browser widely accepted or used by the HPC community?


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I think the most important thing is that one should use standard protocols for communication and since Firefox renders HTML correctly, there should be no reason not to support it.

But my main point was: is there a mailing-list/newsgroup that mirrors these discussions. ML and NG are also standard protocols that are very familiar to the HPC world and which are more suiteable mechanism for following a thread than this web-interface IMHO.

In my experience, running on the Windows XP x64 OS, Firefox works better with this forum than either of the default versions of Internet Explorer or Opera. I agree that requiring certain older versions of Microsoft software to use the special editing controls is enough to discourage me from learning them.

Firefox is basically a browser-only component of Mozilla.

It sure would be nice if interoperability was a goal of Intel's web archetects.

I've given up on complaining about Intel's websites and have just resigned to the fact that they will always ****.

At least they make good hardware..:)

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