Intel MPI + FCA

Intel MPI + FCA

I'm trying to launch an application with Intel MPI and Mellanox FCA. But is doesn't seem to work. I try to do it the way it is suggested in the example script which comes with FCA. It says to add these parameters:-genv DAT_OVERRIDE /etc/dat.conf-genv I_MPI_DAT_LIBRARY /usr/lib/ I_MPI_DAPL_COLLECTIVES all \\-genv fca_mpi_debug_level 3Unfortunately those options don't work for me. With the first two the app fails to start saying that "dapl fabric is not enabled". Without the first two parameters app works but I don't see any differences with regular results. The instruction says I need to specify the correct path ($DAPL_HOME) for dat.conf and I only have one copy of each file so I used the pathes as specified above.So my questions are:1) What version of Intel MPI do I need? I use What version of FCA do I need? I use the one which comes the latest MLNX OFED 1.5.3-3.1.03) What parameters should I use to enable FCA support?

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Hi Pavel,

Please submit this as an issue at Intel Premier Support (

James Tullos
Technical Consulting Engineer
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