mpi password authorization using system account

mpi password authorization using system account

I'm setting up a Win Server 2008 HPC cluster. I want to be able to have any engineer use the cluster without having to change the account and password every time a different engineer uses the cluster.

I created a system account in active directory, gave that account domain admin privledges and used the wmpiregister tool to register the account and password on the head node and all compute nodes.

At run time I'm getting job failure due to "password authentication failure for MPI during the launch attempt." How can I get MPI to accept a domain system account and password ?

I can go to services on each machine and change the login property of the MPI service to the system account and set the password, will this work?


John Hofmann

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Hi John,

Try using delegation as an authentication method.  You can set I_MPI_AUTH_METHOD=delegate or use the -delegate command line option to mpiexec.  This will use the current credentials of the user to authenticate to the nodes.

James Tullos
Technical Consulting Engineer
Intel® Cluster Tools

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