Consistently pining a mpi process to a cluster node.

Consistently pining a mpi process to a cluster node.

Good day everyone,

I have not been able to find an answer to the manual, so I am here looking for your help.

Let's say I have a cluster with two nodes. Each node has 2 sockets. Each socket hosts a 6 core CPU. What I want to do, for example, is always ping MPI rank process 0 ~ 11 to node1 and 12 ~ 23 to node2. I tried setting I_MPI_PIN=1, but that does not work. Something MPI rank 0 ~ 11 to is placed on node1, and other time they will be on node2.

Is there a reliable way to do the mpi rank assignment based on cluster nodes?

Thank you.

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Hi Jason,

Pinning is used to control which core is used on a single node.  In order to control which node is used, please see

James Tullos
Technical Consulting Engineer
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