can not find mpiicc, mpiifort scripts

can not find mpiicc, mpiifort scripts


We have installed cluster suite, but unable to locate the wrapper scripts mpiicc, mpiifort, 

what to do?



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Assumiing yours is set up in the documented way:

Search in your MPI installation for the environment setting scripts e.g. for the default directory installation:

find /opt/intel/mpi -name mpivars*

source the appropriate one of those, e.g. for 64-bit "intel64" mode with bash the one in the /bin64 directory with suffix .sh

This will put the mpii wrappers on PATH (they are in the same directories with the environment scripts).

In case you want an explanation about requiring explicit path setup:

It's extremely important in MPI usage where there are so many slightly incompatible implementations, to use an environment variable or module scheme to keep them from interfering with each other, with no MPI appearing in the default paths.

Hello, we have "parallel_studio_xe_2013" installed with the default options.  I was going to try to run "linpack" which requires mpiicc but

"mpiicc" is nowhere to be found.  In fact, In fact I tried to follow Tim Prince's instructions, but I "find" no /opt/intel/mpi directory.  What am I missing?

parallel studio is not the same as cluster studio, among the differences being that only the latter includes MPI and trace analyzer (not evident from the product name).  Intel MPI, but not trace analyzer, is also available separately.  Depending on your requirements and versions of Windows and Visual Studio, and whether you require OFED support, the free MPICH2 (which works with Intel compilers) or cygwin OpenMPI (with gnu compilers) may be interesting.

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