mpif77 not passing

mpif77 not passing


(I posted this first here, sorry for the double post.)

I just noticed that in version of iMPI, mpif77 is not passing the flag -i8 to the ifort compiler:

$ mpif77 -i8 -show
ifort -ldl -I/lunarc/sw/alarik/pkg/intel/13.1/impi/ -L/lunarc/sw/alarik/pkg/intel/13.1/impi/ -Xlinker --enable-new-dtags -Xlinker -rpath -Xlinker /lunarc/sw/alarik/pkg/intel/13.1/impi/ -Xlinker -rpath -Xlinker /opt/intel/mpi-rt/4.1 -lmpi_ilp64 -lmpigf -lmpi -lmpigi -lrt -lpthread

while mpif90 does:

$ mpif90 -i8 -show
ifort -ldl -i8 -I/lunarc/sw/alarik/pkg/intel/13.1/impi/ -I/lunarc/sw/alarik/pkg/intel/13.1/impi/ -L/lunarc/sw/alarik/pkg/intel/13.1/impi/ -Xlinker --enable-new-dtags -Xlinker -rpath -Xlinker /lunarc/sw/alarik/pkg/intel/13.1/impi/ -Xlinker -rpath -Xlinker /opt/intel/mpi-rt/4.1 -lmpigf -lmpi -lmpigi -lrt -lpthread

Is this by design or an oversight?

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Hi Ignacio,

The mpif77 compiler script does strip -i8 out of the arguments.  Let me check why.

James Tullos
Technical Consulting Engineer
Intel® Cluster Tools

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