InetlMPI: query fabric choice and settings at runtime

InetlMPI: query fabric choice and settings at runtime

Hey Everyone:

Is it possible to query the chosen fabric and maybe even other related settings from within the application?
I am aware that some of this information can be gathered by setting the  I_MPI_DEBUG environment variable appropriately, but I was wondering whether this information is accessible from within the application itself as well.

I guess another solution would be to query the environment variables, but that would only work if they are set explicitly and not if the default settings were used.

I am using Intel MPI 4.0 on a linux system (RHEL 5&6)



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Hi Alex,

This information is generally intended to be transparent to the user, so I don't think we provide a way to find it inside of your program.  I'll check with our developers just in case.

James Tullos
Technical Consulting Engineer
Intel® Cluster Tools

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