Segfault in DAPL with Mellanox OFED 2.1

Segfault in DAPL with Mellanox OFED 2.1


We're having a problem with the Intel MPI library crashing since we've updated to the latest Mellanox OFED 2.1. For example, the test program supplied with Intel MPI (test/test.f90) crashes with a segfault. I compiled it using

mpif90 -debug all /apps/intel-mpi/ -o test.x

and managed to get a back trace from the crash using idbc:

#0  0x00007fcb9418f078 in ?? () from /apps/intel-mpi/
#1  0x00007fcb94190bf7 in ?? () from /apps/intel-mpi/
#2  0x00007fcb94191543 in MPID_nem_dapl_rc_init_20 () from /apps/intel-mpi/
#3  0x00007fcb941de883 in MPID_nem_dapl_init () from /apps/intel-mpi/
#4  0x00007fcb94276fc6 in ?? () from /apps/intel-mpi/
#5  0x00007fcb9427547c in MPID_nem_init_ckpt () from /apps/intel-mpi/
#6  0x00007fcb94276ca7 in MPID_nem_init () from /apps/intel-mpi/
#7  0x00007fcb94128070 in MPIDI_CH3_Init () from /apps/intel-mpi/
#8  0x00007fcb94265bad in MPID_Init () from /apps/intel-mpi/
#9  0x00007fcb9423c38f in MPIR_Init_thread () from /apps/intel-mpi/
#10 0x00007fcb94230258 in PMPI_Init () from /apps/intel-mpi/
#11 0x00007fcb946f331f in pmpi_init__ () from /apps/intel-mpi/
#12 0x0000000000403005 in main () at /apps/intel-mpi/
#13 0x0000000000402fbc in main ()

We are running CentOS 6.5.



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Hi Ben,

Thank you for this report.  I have submitted this to our developers for further investigation.

James Tullos
Technical Consulting Engineer
Intel® Cluster Tools

Hi Ben,

Please try using Mellanox* OFED 2.1-1.0.6.

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