Memory Leak detected by Inspector XE in MPI internal buffer

Memory Leak detected by Inspector XE in MPI internal buffer

I am interested in finding out if there is a way to configure Intel's MPI libraries to alter what the threshold is for the creation of internal buffers so I can verify the source of a memory leak detected by Inspector XE.

Please refer to my post in Intel's Inspector XE forum, which includes a simple Fortran program that demonstrates the issue:

It appears once an MPI operation is sending or receiving more than 64K of information an internal buffer may be created and Inspector is reporting a memory leak when that happens. I am hoping there is a way to configure the MPI libraries to alter the behavior of the creation and destruction of internal buffers so I can confirm the source of the reported memory leak.

I am hoping someone here in the MPI forums has a suggestion of a way to do this. Even reducing the size of the data transfer that triggers the generation of internal buffers would be helpful.

I am reluctant to just write this off and tell Inspector XE to ignore this reported memory leak until I can confirm it is related to the generation/destruction of internal buffers.



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Hi Rick,

What version of the Intel® MPI Library and Intel® Inspector XE are you using?  What is the output from

env | grep I_MPI

James Tullos
Technical Consulting Engineer
Intel® Cluster Tools

Hi James,

The version is

[rick@RainierLinux ~]$ env|grep I_MPI



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