Installing Intel MPI

Installing Intel MPI

I would like to install a trial version of Intel MPI. Do I need a trial licence file or a serial number? I have downloaded the trial version but do not have any of these.

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When you registered for the trial, you should have received an email.  You can also choose a trial activation during the installation process.

I did receive an email which said it has attached a product licence file, but did not contain any attachment, so I am confused here :-(

What email address did you use to register the trial?  The email address associated with your account doesn't show any registrations of the Intel® MPI Library.  If you prefer not to post your email here, you can send it to me via private message instead.

How can I post you my email address?

To the right of my username, there are several links.  One is "Send Author A Message".  Use that to send me a private message here.

I have managed to install it with the new serial number you have created for me. I will try to follow the rest of the instructions. Many thanks for your help!

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