Memory leak in mpiu_shm_wrappers.h?

Memory leak in mpiu_shm_wrappers.h?

Hi all,

I am working on an MPI application that appears to be leaking memory slowly.

After running one the MPI ranks under Inspector XE with the mi1 analysis type, I see a memory leak reported in mpiu_shm_wrappers.h:671.

The text of the report is shown below.  I am using Intel MPI version and ifort 14.0.2.

Description Source Function Module Object Size
Allocation site mpiu_shm_wrappers.h:671 MPIU_SHMW_Seg_create_attach_templ 266240!MPIU_SHMW_Seg_create_attach_templ - mpiu_shm_wrappers.h:671!MPIU_SHMW_Seg_create_and_attach - mpiu_shm_wrappers.h:940!MPID_nem_allocate_shm_region - mpid_nem_lmt_shm.c:1177!MPID_nem_lmt_shm_start_recv - mpid_nem_lmt_shm.c:261!do_cts - mpid_nem_lmt.c:636

Is this a legitimate leak?

Best regards,



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