Intel MPI Using

Intel MPI Using

Hello everyone

First i have to provide this information:

1- i have instaled the latest version of Intel MPI.

2- i have to use it through Ansys HFSS 15 x64 which is a EM-software.

3- HFSS dont have any problem with discrit processes (for ex. 15 paralel process will share trough 3 computer on network correctly)

4- i need to use memory of other computers on the network, so need distribute the RAM usage.

5- the error i got every time is "authentication faild" or "unable to create child process in hosts" (or somthing like these)

i need help to configure Intel MPI in order to distribute the memory usage.

i will apreciate that anyone can help me.

with the special regards

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Authentication failed error messages indicate that you could not log in to the node you're trying to use.  Make sure you can login via ssh without a password.

Unable to create child process in host could mean many things.  Please post the exact error message.

thanks you for replying the thread

i have to say that i'm using DDM (Domain Decomposition Method) and in this method, software want to split two matrix and share them in network and solve them through the MPI vendor.

can you show ,e a way to check the ssh login verification? i can login via windows and i stored the password in the user acount credential manager (windows & generic), but how can i test the ssh login?

and the exact errors are :

[error] The attempted launch of solvers via MPI failed while connecting to communication pipes. The probable cause is failure to install the vendor MPI on one or more machines or password authentication failure for MPI during the launch attempt.
[error] Unable to create child process: mpirun.

with special regards

Ah, you're using Windows*.  In Windows*, you will need to have Remote Desktop functionality enabled and working.  If you are using a firewall, see for information about how to work with MPI and firewalls.

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