Intel MPI Library Troubleshooting Guide

Intel MPI Library Troubleshooting Guide

The latest versions of the Intel MPI Library User's Guides have added an expanded Troubleshooting section.  It provides the following information:

  • General Intel MPI Library troubleshooting practices
  • Typical MPI failures with corresponding output messages and behavior when a failure occurs
  • Recommendations on potential root causes and solutions

Here are direct links to these new sections:

We recommend taking a look there first if you're experiencing issues with the library.  PDF versions of the User's Guide are also shipped with the lntel MPI Library install package, under the documentation_2016/ directory.

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I am trying to launch an old c program developed for the intel / 860 but I do not know if there could be the MPI equivalent of the following functions:

Hi Juan,

I'm not familiar with all the functions you list here but I can infer, based on their names, that quite a few of them would have MPI equivalents.  Some of the basic MPI functions are:

  • MPI_Send: send a message from one process to another
  • MPI_Recv: receive a message from another process
  • MPI_Wait: wait on a particular message to be received before continuing with the rest of execution
  • and many others

I would recommend checking out the Lawrence Livermore National Lab MPI tutorial, if you want to get more familiar with programming using MPI.


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