BCAST error for message size greater than 2 GB

BCAST error for message size greater than 2 GB


I'm using Intel Fortran 16.0.1 and Intel MPI 5.1.3 and I'm getting an error with bcast as follows:

Fatal error in PMPI_Bcast: Other MPI error, error stack:
PMPI_Bcast(2231)........: MPI_Bcast(buf=0x2b460bcc0040, count=547061260, MPI_INTEGER, root=0, MPI_COMM_WORLD) failed
I_MPIR_Bcast_intra(2007): Failure during collective
MPIR_Bcast_binomial(253): message sizes do not match across processes in the collective routine: Received -32766 but expected -2106722256

I'm broadcasting Integer array (4 byte) of size 547061260. Is there an upper limit on the message size? The bcast works fine for smaller counts.


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Hi AGG,  please see the answer by James T. at this thread: https://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/intel-clusters-and-hpc-technolog.... Thanks.

Thank you, that worked for me as well.

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