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Can I host Intel CS for WebRTC server on a virtual machine?

If yes, which VMM does it support?





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The Intel CS for WebRTC provides 3 servers: Peer server (peer-to-peer signaling), MCU conference server, and Gateway server.  Although we haven't tested this, you might be able to host the Peer server on VM, but the other two servers require Intel Media SDK for media processing and therefore would not run on a VM.  What VM are you using?

How i can use webRTC over sublime text?

Sublime text? Do you mean to make a plugin of sublime text, and enable video conferencing inside sublime text software?

We are already in version 1.5 of  Intel CS for WebRTC.

Currently can we reliably run the 3 servers (Peer server, MCU conference server, Gateway server) inside a Virtual Machine  ?

I intend to use VMware Player 5.0  (with guest OS = Ubuntu 12.04 LTS* 64-bit  as recommended)


It can work like that. But, some port configuration might need to be changed between MCU and Gateway, which is 3001/3004 by default currently.

Another thing is, if you want to run MCU with Intel Media SDK, then the host OS/Image should provide the GPU hardware capability. As far as I know, VMware Player 5.0 might not be able to provide that. Right?

Let us know when you meet issues to try that.


i think yes and we can use peer to peer severs

Sound great. Let us know if any further issues.

Hi, AWS cloud solution is god.


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