internal ip address issue internal ip address issue


Very new at this technology.  Was happy to see you guys release something to play with.

I am currently testing the sample app with the conferencing server.  I am running into an issue when going to page xxx:3001/?room=e343fd322....

It tries to communicate to a instance at the INTERNAL address of the web server this software is running on.  I have tried to set the public ip address of the server in all the config files I can find.  Where is it pulling that internal address from?

Also is there any plans moving forward to have some sort of client for the IOS?

Thank you so much,


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Hi Alex,

Thanks for your tryout.

For the multiple-server-ip case, you can use the"publicIP" variable in "runtime.config.json" file in conf folder in order to setup the right IP address for MCU server.

For the client in iOS, yes, we're moving towards that, and it will appear in future release.

Hi friend, WebRTC is available for c language?



Hi Judlup,

There is no C SDK in our solution currently.

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