Distributing room across multiple MCUs?

Distributing room across multiple MCUs?

Is it possible to distribute a since room session across multiple MCUs on different machines?

Also, is there a way to benchmark MCU for simple forwarding mode?

Also, if I only plan to use forward mode, since Intel Media SDK will not be used in this case, I can run this on a virtual machine correct?

Lastly, regardless of using forward or mix mode, can I run the MCU in an linux container like Docker?

Thank you!

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For the single room distribution, this is not available in the currrent 1.1 version. It will be in the next release. Stay tuned!

Regarding the benchmark, we're now building the test system and scenarios, together with some key data to be observed. Our current MCU package (without GPU enabled) should now be able to run in Ubuntu virtual machine.

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