License question

License question

The license comes with SDK 1.1 is for internal development only. Can this SDK be used for product development for external use?

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Hi Yue,

Our SDK 1.1 is designed for both internal and external development use.

Can you tell me where you find this "internal development only" license?

Best Regards,

Hi Chunbo:

Thanks for your quick reply. I found the license.pdf has the following content on page 2:


Subject to Your compliance with all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Intel Corporation ("Intel") grants to You a non-exclusive, royalty-free, non-transferable (except as expressly permitted hereunder), limited right and license:

  1. under Intel’s copyrights, to:

    1. (1)  use the Client SDK, Documentation, WebRTC Conference Server and WebRTC Gateway solely for Your internal use to develop Your Products, provided however, this license does not include the right to sublicense and may only be exercised by You or Your employees and only within Your facilities; 

The forum software has several areas that need improvement as well.

1. captcha need to be more close to text input, it is annoying to be prompted while it is located off fold

2. enter key triggers preview action instead of submit action

3. on the new post page, there are several internal use dropdown selections at bottom, which should be hidden from normal user

Not the kind of software quality I would image when using Intel website.

Hi Yue,

Thanks for your suggestion to the web forum site, and I'll definitely submit those items to the team building the website.

Regarding your license question, the SDK is allowed to be used for product development for external use. There's item 4 on the same page saying: "Distribute the WebRTC Conference Server and WebRTC Gateway with your Product".

If you want more details on further potential cooperation, please email

Thanks Chunbo. I will give it a try.


Let us know when you have further questions.

Hi Chunbo,

If I use to develop a B2B product using Intel WebRTC SDK, which is then "distributed", and "sold" to a partner, am I in any way infringing the license terms?

Intel CS for WebRTC is free for commercial use including redistribution and selling. Enjoy!

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