iOS equivalent addExternalOutput

iOS equivalent addExternalOutput

We are trying to do broadcasting with intel webrtc.

By using a MCU Server, we can start a broadcast on android device by calling ConferenceClient:addExternalOutput("rtmp://remote_server")

But what is the iOS equivalent for this method??? 

any help?


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Android and JS SDK are the first two SDKs supporting external output feature. Now Intel CS for WebRTC API for external output and recording features are under restructuring, this means they maybe changed in following releases. So such APIs stop to newly add temporarily. Thanks for your patience. If you have urgent business cases especially with Intel platforms, try to contact to see whether there is any help can provide.


Is there any news about iOS addExternalOutput feature?


Any help?

Currently , iOS sdk don't support addExternalOutput feature . Please be patient and waiting for following 4.0 version,  we plan to do API refactoring for iOS sdk at 4.0 version . 


Is there any timeline you can share?



Does the coming release have the iOS fix? Or can you share timeline for the fix?


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