Stream static video contents to client

Stream static video contents to client

I would like to stream vod( video on demand ) contents via intel webrtc it posible ? I have researched but not get any useful threads. All other streaming functionality in intel webrtc is excellent But the vod streaming via webrtc is one of the requirement for me

use case

  • put mp4 file in a server directory
  • i want to read that file and stream via webrtc to all connected clients 
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Again Intel rokz.. I got the solution.

            url: url_of_static_mp4_video,
            audio: false,
            video: true
          }, function(err, stream) {
            conference.publish(stream, {}, function(st) {
    'stream published:',;
            }, function(err) {
              L.Logger.error('publish failed:', err);

The above code will publish the static mp4 video as webrtc stream to all connected users,

Thank you Intel team for building a powerful webrtc media server

Webrtc Nodejs engineer +919809888818 skype: nithinj2e

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