Non GPU installation Recommendation

Non GPU installation Recommendation


Let me first congratulate for making available powerful Intel webrtc collaboration suite.

You will appreciate that it is very difficult and next to impossible to find E3 12xx 15xx V5 processor dedicated server hosting provider. almost all the providers have microchip servers with IPMI /KVM where iGPU is disabled. If it is possible for you to list some hosting providers with intel iGPU enabled and suitable for Intel webrtc collaboration suite, please do so it will help us a lot.

In the light of above I have decided to give try to Intel webrtc collaboration suite with non-GPU installation. Please suggest the CPU  I should use for h.264 non production system. It is my understanding that as Intel Media Server Studio is not being used ,there is no strict requirement for linux OS and specific version with kernel.

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For Intel GPU enabled system, which region do you prefer, USA or India or other regions? Then we can provide related information.

For non-GPU system, there is no strict limitation, it depends on CPU capability and your requirement.

For linux OS and kernel version, we have definitions on related version document, please refer our product document.


Thanks for prompt reply, sorry for delayed response. Regarding your query 'For Intel GPU enabled system, which region do you prefer, USA or India?'

We intend to provide solutions mostly for Indian clients, may be APAC, Please provide the related information


As far as we known, PhoenixNAP provides such option. Just for your reference.

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