Android Sdk v4.1 Session termination issue.

Android Sdk v4.1 Session termination issue.

Hi Team,

i am initiate a video call ,after some time i disconnected the network(wifi or mobile network) then  after 20 sec stream automatically removed from  conference room. but default re connection time out is 60 sec i.e configured in portal.toml file

how to increase stream termination time out.


# Port that the server listens at.

port = 8080 #default: 8080
ssl = true #default: true
force_tls_v12 = false #default: false, tls1 and tls1.1 will not be allowed if set to true
#The network inferface the will be bound to in case portal.ip_address (the 'ip_address' item above) is not specified or equal to "".
# networkInterface = "eth1"
# How many seconds before Socket.IO client sending a new ping packet. This value might be overwrote by client side.
# ping_interval = 25 #default: undefined
# How many seconds without a pong packet to consider the Socket.IO connection closed. This value might be overwrote by client side.
# ping_timeout = 60 #default: undefined
# Life time for reconnection ticket. Unit: second.
reconnection_ticket_lifetime = 600 #default: 600
# Client will leave conference if it cannot reconnect to Socket.IO server after |reconnection_timeout| seconds.
reconnection_timeout = 60 #default: 60

name = "woogeen-cluster"

#The number of times to retry joining if the first try fails.
join_retry = 60 #default: 60

#The interval of reporting the work load
report_load_interval = 1000 #default: 1000, unit: millisecond

#The max CPU load under which this worker can taks new tasks.
max_load = 0.85 #default: 0.85
#The ISP list this portal tends to handle
isps = [] #default: [], which means all ISPs.
#The region list this portal tends to handle
regions = [] #default: [], which means all regions.
host = "localhost" #default: "localhost"
port = 5672 #default: 5672

dataBaseURL = "localhost/nuvedb" #default: "localhost/nuvedb"

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Gopi Krishna P

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Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Gopi Krishna P

sorry timeout for stream cannot be increased.

hi Gopi, did you ever try Android automatic reconnection feature when network switch to wifi from 4G, in 4.1?  I tried this scenarion with sample app, but no good luck.  After performing network change, video stream got stuck, failed to resume.  What's your findings?  Thanks in advance.

Hi Jing Lai,

I am also faced this issue , already posted this in forums

I did some changes it may help you.

When the stream got ended it calls the onEnded() of RemoteMixedStreamObserver  at that time you can do again subscription and publication.i hope it will solves your problem

RemoteMixedStream.RemoteMixedStreamObserver  remoteMixedStreamObserver=new RemoteMixedStream.RemoteMixedStreamObserver() {
        public void onLayoutChange(List<RemoteMixedStream.Region> regions) {

        public void onActiveAudioInputChange(String activeAudioInput) {

        public void onEnded() {


        public void onUpdated() {





Hi Gopi Krishna P, 

Thanks for your information, they are helpful!




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