Intel CS for WebRTC framework is utilizing huge bandwidth

Intel CS for WebRTC framework is utilizing huge bandwidth


Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04 and CentOS 7.x
Intel CS for WebRTC Framework Version: v.4.2.1

We noticed that Intel CS for WebRTC frame work is utilizing huge bandwidth at client side. This is happening with sample application also that is providing by Intel. When we make a call (with one or two participants) in SFU mode from a mobile using 4G network, it is consuming 1.5 GB bandwidth with in 10 minutes. Any useful hints to reduce the bandwidth utilization?

Thank you.

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Hi Chandramouli,

Which kind of clients are you talking about here? Browsers, Android app or iOS app?


We also encounter the huge network bandwidth issue.

About 150 participants, for the public network bandwidth of servers, used 802, 781, 744 bps out, 188, 722, 256 bps in.

Most of our participants uses browsers(javascript sdk) to publish local video, with H264, maxBitrate 1400:


Could you please give us some suggestions, how to reduce network bandwidth, while not losing too much video quality?

Thanks a lot.


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