Concurrency Checker with a Virtual Machine

Concurrency Checker with a Virtual Machine

Does the checker work using a Virtual Machine configured for Multi-Core? My program runs on a VM through a hosting company in a different city. I don't have access to the servers. Can I configure my machine to make the concurrency chekcer work properly?

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Yes it is working fine with Virtual machine. I've successfully executed Intel concurrency checker tool on VM having following machine details

OS : - Windows 2K8R2 Enterprise Edition with Service Pack1
System Type : - 64 Bit
# of Core processor : - 4

Yes, it can be executed on laptop/desktop machine.It is requred multiple core processor on machine.

Yes, it will work. Just verify the no. of core processor. It should be in multple of 2.

Number of Cores on system used for assessment

Suggested Minimum Value for Computed Scaling











As the iCC tool was designed for on-premises app testing, you probably won't get optimum results from your remote VM.


Have you try to test in non virtual machine?

I have some problems with virtual machine like VirtualPC and VMWare, becouse they isn't working with the configuration settings, for example, with 2 processors in VM is really be different than physical machine when we compare the results.

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