Can Intel Pentium Dual Core T4300 & T4500 assessed with ICC?

Can Intel Pentium Dual Core T4300 & T4500 assessed with ICC?


Is it any use to assess applications on Intel Pentium Dual Core T4300 and T4500 using Intel Concurrency Checker?

Does it show Multi-core or Multi-Threading ability?

Many Thanks!

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It should show to what extent both cores are in use. Apparently, only the Windows version is maintained.

Arun,What do you mean by multi-core or multi-threading ability?Do you want to test whether your multiple threads are running on different cores on these CPUs?

Hello Gaston,

That's right!

To be more precise, does these 2 processors support Muti-Threading Technology?

Many Thanks!

Hello Tim,

I wanted to know if these 2 processors support Multi Threading Technology?

On the specs, they have 2 cores and number of threads is 2. Does that mean, they support concurrent threads to run on both the cores?

Many Thanks!

Public data by Intel CPU model is here in case that isn't where you looked. This will tell clearly if those support hyperthreads. None of the Core duo or Core 2 duo family had HT, which agrees with the implication of 2 cores 2 threads.

"...only the Winodws version is maintained..."

The Windows version of ICC is actually a Java application meaning that there is only a single version of ICC. The .jar will run on any platform.


Can we check machines in which we are using multi processor

According to Diana Byrne, Intel Multicore Product Engineer: If it's an Intel dual-core processor, it should work. Try downloading and using it. The OS requirements and other requirements are listed on the same Web page where you download the tool:

Let us know how it goes.

The Intel Concurrency Checker is available in both Windows and Linux versions.

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