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hi..I just had a few questions.. hopefully not FAQs:- are there any plans to open-source CnC?- is CnC-- going to be merged with CnC, perhaps resulting in a Google-search-friendly CnC++?thanks!

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That's quite an interesting idea. But no. We hadn't concidered it. Can you say a bit more about your application and how you would use such a facility?


I was simply curious to see how the existing tools were built,
particularly how they interact with TBB, and any implementation of proposed CnC-- features which might appear between official releases. TBB and Cilk Plus are both now Open
Source so it seemed a possibility.

Currently CnC is not targeted for open source.
What is shipped in the official what-if release contains all the include files that are needed to make it a generic template library. You might find at least some of nformation in there to address your curiosity.
However, we'd certainly be happy to discuss any further questions you might have.



No. We don't have plans to make CnC-- available to the public. And we haven't yet decided to open source. We'd like to hear more details about your interest in each of these . What would you like to do? It's possible that we can support you directly. This could be fasterthan waiting for a full public release.

Yes. CnC is not google-search-friendly. Adding a few extra searchwords (e.g., parallel, Intel, Rice). But this is definitly not a good thing. We appologize.


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