Intel Concurrent Collections in Education

Intel Concurrent Collections in Education

Hi everybody,

I'm collecting information about how CnC is used in computer science education, please feel free to update this thread with information about how you are using CnC in education!


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At Morgan State University, ProfessorVojislavStojkovic uses CnC in his undergraduate courseCOSC.352 - Programming Languages (3 credits) - he teaches about 4 of 15 weeks on Concurrent Collections (CnC)for C/C++ and
Haskell programming languages.
You can find out more about Professor Stojkovic, and computer science education at Morgan State, at these links,

At Virginia Tech University,Dr. Dennis Kafura is teaching a graduate level computer science operating systems class, CS 5204.

This course studies programming models for parallelism, including CnC's methodology.

The course syllabus is available here:

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