Call for Abstract for CnC-2013: The Fifth Annual Concurrent Collections Workshop

Call for Abstract for CnC-2013: The Fifth Annual Concurrent Collections Workshop

Call for Abstracts:

 CnC-2013: The Fifth Annual Concurrent Collections Workshop

Sept. 23-24, 2013 at Qualcomm Research Silicon Valley, Santa Clara, CA (co-located with LCPC'13)

Important Dates

  *Abstracts Due: August 16, 2013*
   Notification: August 23, 2013
   Workshop: September 23-24, 2013


  The annual Concurrent Collections (CnC) workshop is a forum for
  researchers and developers of parallel programs to interact on a
  variety of issues related to next-generation parallel programming
  models. The focus is on fostering a community around the CnC
  programming model; however, we also strongly encourage
  participation by anyone with an interest in programming models
  inspired by dataflow and/or tuple space ideas as well as current or
  emerging applications of such models.

Participation and Call for Abstracts

  The workshop agenda will include a CnC tutorial and presentations
  selected from contributed abstracts. Topics of interest include,
  but are not limited to: language design and implementation,
  semantics and theory, application experiences, and teaching of CnC.

  If you would like to give a talk, please submit a short abstract
  (between 200 and 500 words in length) by Aug. 16, 2013 to both
  workshop chairs at pouchet@cs.ucla and
  There may be a small registration fee to cover lunch at the workshop.

Background on CnC

  CnC is a parallel programming model for mainstream programmers that
  differs from other approaches in its philosophy. A CnC programmer
  doesn't specify parallel operations; instead, he/she only specifies
  semantic ordering constraints. This provides a separation of
  concerns between the domain expert and the tuning expert,
  simplifying the job of the domain expert while providing more
  flexibility to the tuning expert. Details on CnC and related
  research can be found at:

  Prior workshops have served as a forum for users and potential
  users of Concurrent Collections (CnC), to discuss experiences with
  CnC and a range of topics, including developments for the language,
  applications, usability, performance, semantics, and teaching of

Need more information?

  If you have any questions about logistics or participation, please
  contact the workshop chairs at pouchet@cs.ucla and
  Louis-Noel Pouchet, University of California, Los Angeles
  Kyle Wheeler, Micron Technologies, Inc.

Organizing Committee

  Zoran Budimlic, Rice University
  Michael Burke, Rice University
  Kath Knobe, Intel

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For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

The CnC 2013 workshop will be co-located with LCPC 2013, The 26th International Workshop on Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing, at Qualcomm Research Silicon Valley, Santa Clara, CA. LCPC takes place September 25-27, 2013, immediately following CnC 2013.

* Registration:

Registration for CnC'13 is mandatory for all participants. The registration deadline is Friday, September 13 2013. There is no registration fee, thanks to support from Intel and Qualcomm. To register, please send an email to Louis-Noel Pouchet and Kyle Wheeler with the following information:

  • Full name and address
  • Affiliation
  • Citizenship
  • Email
  • Dietary Information, if any restriction
  • Optionally, background with CnC

* Local information:

CnC 2013 will take place at Qualcomm Atheros in San Jose, California, which is walking distance from the San Jose Airport. A discounted rate of $125/night has been negotiated for all CnC and LCPC attendees at theHoliday Inn San Jose Airport, which is also walking distance from Qualcomm Atheros. The deadline for getting the conference rate is 09/09/2013 (but the rate is still active as of today). Use the code QEW to get the discounted rate or simply Click here

* Workshop schedule:

The workshop agenda includes research and experience presentations, a keynote address, and plenty of time will be left open for unstructured mixing, mingling, and networking.

monday, september 2308:30 -- Breakfast and Coffee09:00 -- To Be Announced10:30 -- Break11:00 -- To Be Announced12:00 -- Lunch13:00 -- Zoran Budimlic, "CnC Research Efforts"14:00 -- Break14:30 -- Session 1: Runtime

  • CnC on Open Community Runtime -- Alina Sbirlea and Zoran Budimlic (Rice University)
  • Compiler Optimization of an Application-specific Runtime -- Kathleen Knobe (Intel) and Zoran Budimlic (Rice University)
  • Adaptive Load balancing for Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations -- Zeki Bozkus, Ahmad Anbar and Tarek El-Ghazawi

16:00 -- Break18:00 -- Dinner (sponsored by Intel)tuesday, september 2408:30 -- Breakfast and Coffee09:00 -- Keynote: Kathleen Knobe, "The Future of CnC"10:00 -- Break10:30 -- Session 2: Performance

  • Dynamic Accommodation of Performance, Power, and Reliability Tradeoffs -- Rob Knauerhase (Intel)
  • The CnC tuning capability -- Sanjay Chatterjee (Rice), Zoran Budimlic (Rice), Vivek Sarkar (Rice), Kathleen Knobe (Intel)
  • Automatic Selection of Distribution Functions for Distributed CnC -- Kamal Sharma (Rice), Kathleen Knobe (Intel), Frank Schlimbach (Intel), Vivek Sarkar (Rice).

12:00 -- Lunch13:00 -- Session 3: Un-core

  • Bounded memory scheduling of CnC programs -- Dragos Sbirlea, Zoran Budimlic, Vivek Sarkar
  • Implementing Asynchronous Checkpoint/Restart for CnC -- Nick Vrvilo and Vivek Sarkar (Rice University) Kath Knobe and Frank Schlimbach(Intel)
  • Automatic CnC generation from a sequential specification -- Reservoir Labs, Inc.
  • CDSC-GL: A CnC-inspired Graph Language -- Zoran Budimlic, Jason Cong, Zhuo Li, Louis-Noel Pouchet, Alina Sbirlea, Mo Xu, Peng Zhang, Vivek Sarkar

15:00 -- Break15:30 -- End of CnC'13

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