New release of Intel(R) Concurrent Collections for C++ available

New release of Intel(R) Concurrent Collections for C++ available

Check out the new Version 0.9 of Intel(R) Concurrent Collections for C++.

What's new in version 0.9?

  • New step/thread affinity control: use step-tuner to assign affinity of steps to threads
  • Added thread-pinning: pin threads to CPU-cores
  • New cancellation feature for step-tuners: cancel individual steps (in flight or yet to come), all steps, or custom cancellation sets
  • Added tuning capabilites for CnC::parallel_for: switch on/off checking dependencies, priority, affinity, depends and preschedule
  • New support for Intel(R) Xeon Phi(TM) (MIC): native and mixed CPU/MIC
  • Improved instrumentation hooks for ITAC: Using collection names as given in collection-constructors
  • Cleaner/simpler hashing and equality definition for custom tags
  • New samples (UTS, NQueens (with cancellation), parsec/dedup, Floyd-Warshall) and improved samples
  • Closed memory leak on distributed memory
  • Other bug fixes etc.
  • Added support for Visual Studio* 2012, dropped support for Visual Studio* 2005 (Windows* only)
  • Require TBB 4.1 (was 4.0)
  • Switched to gcc 4.3 ABI (Linux* only)
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