Spec Translator: discontinued?

Spec Translator: discontinued?


most samples still have a .cnc file. My guess is the "spec translator" to generate header files from this was discontinued. Is the recommended approach now to describe the CnC graph in the header file, rather than in .cnc, oneself?


Sidenote: The 0.7.003 release notes state that the "spec translator" was removed. I'm assuming this is the tool formerly used to compile header files from .cnc graph descriptions (relating to the #GEN_HEADER=$(CNCFILE:.cnc=.h) line still present in the Makefiles).


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Hi Fredrik,

Yes, your observation is right. The translator is discontinued in Intel's distribution; the .cnc files are in the package in case it gets re-introduced.

If you're interested in using the spec-files and a translator you could consider using https://github.com/habanero-rice/cnc-framework which supports Intel's CnC (a subset thereof). Please note that it's not supported by Intel in any way and I have not used it yet.




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