pyDAAL installation error

pyDAAL installation error

I downloaded the python 3.5 for window from

and run the example Regression_online_example.ipynb in pyCharm from

but I got the error "DLL load failed: The specified procedure could not be found." the error is caused by the code "from daal.algorithms.ridge_regression import training as ridge_training".

I would like to know if I have installed pyDAAL incorrectly. What should I do to properly install it?

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could you please take a look at this KB Article -


Tank you very much. I have solved the problem already.

I am glad you could fix the issue. Could you please briefly let us know if there is anything that needs fixing/documentation in pyDAAL and/or Intel(R) Distribution for Python?

yeah,I think there should be a special section for python.The current documentation on Python is too fragmented.

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