Python Pandas - pandas Missing required dependencies ['numpy']

Python Pandas - pandas Missing required dependencies ['numpy']

I updated conda with "conda update conda", but after update i started to fail "import pandas as pd" with error message pandas Missing required dependencies ['numpy'] Working with pandas 0.19.0 and using idp. Can anyone supply solution? Thank you Felix

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Can you send me a little more information on your configuration? What is your operating system and IDP version? Did you download the full IDP installer or install our packages from the Anaconda Cloud? 

Please send the output of "conda list", "conda info", and the full error message.

Thank you, Todd

Thank you, Todd for answer.

Unfortunately because of time pressure, i was forced to uninstall and reinstall Anaconda. Seems Numpy was corrupted in some way. Currently, no IDP installed. Can you please send info about IDP installer? Thank you. Felix

You can download and install the Intel(R) Distribution for Python from our product page. The installer will create a new python installation with all Intel provided packages and optimizations.

If you have an existing conda-based python environment (after a Miniconda or Anaconda python installation), you can use Intel packages from the Anaconda Cloud. To create an environment using our packages, use a command such as the following:

conda create -c intel -n intelpython3 python=3 intelpython3_core pandas 

That command will:

  • (create) create a new environment
  • (-c intel)  using packages in the intel channel on,
  • (-n intelpython3)  name the new environment "intelpython3"
  • (python=3)  using python 3.x,
  • (intelpython3_core pandas)  and adding the "intelpython3_core" and "pandas" packages

intelpython3_core includes python itself, numpy, mkl, tbb, and their dependencies.

Once that environment is created, you "source activate intelpython3" to use the new environment.

More information can be found through our product page in the FAQs.

Let me know if you need further assistance.


Thank you Todd for response.

I am using Python 2.7 so what will be instructions to download 2.7 version?

Additional question, how can i download this package from Intel environment, because for some reason from conda i am getting:

"CONDAIOError: IO ERROR: missing write permissions."

Thank you


To use python 2.7, the following command should work:

conda create -c intel -n intelpython2 python=2 intelpython2_core pandas

As for the CONDAIOError, I would guess that you do not have write privileges to the python installation directory. What OS platform are you on? Are you using your own python installation or a system-level admin installation?


Thank you, Todd.

Works ok. IOError resolved with "Run As Administrator" option

Appreciate your help.


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