python and a machine learning beginner

python and a machine learning beginner

hi people,

could anyone suggest which intel development board or which development kit to use specially for a python and machine learning beginner like me.which could help me in combining my python and ML knowledge with Internet of things  to create something exciting.


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Intel offers Intel DAAL(Data Acquisition and Acceleration library) in Python called PyDaal utilizing algorithms from Intel MKL. PyDaal provides libraries on running Machine Learning algorithms on traditional data formats in python.

1. Below is the link that will guide you to install Intel PyDaal environment. Activate Intel python environment and import daal module to start exploring the available algorithms

2. To know more about DAAL Machine learning libraries, below is the link to collective code examples on algorithms provided in developers guide

3. Given below is an example to have a quick overview of SVM classifier class and parameters in pyDaal from developers guide


thank you

Preethi V. (Intel)

for your valuable feedback.but still im confused which developer kit to buy so that i can start my journey in IOT with the knowledge of ML and python.i have asked this question to many people in hackster group as well as  in today webiner but everyone is just forwarding me this link 

IoT | Intel® Software . could you please provide me a rigid answer regarding the selection of developer kits for that i can make the necessary investment


Hi Naveen,

You can take a look at some of the IoT examples that have been implemented in Python :
This should be a good introduction to how you can use Python to interact with IoT devices. Using ML to solve a particular problem would require you to, perhaps, leverage data that you collect through running your set of experiments and then using ML algorithms for getting the needed results. Hope this helps!


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