icc_rt & impi_rt icw intel parallel studio for mpi4py

icc_rt & impi_rt icw intel parallel studio for mpi4py

Hi Everyone,

I have intel parallel studio 2017.4 installed on my pc (dell T3610 running centos7).

When I install mpi4y via conda it also installs impi_rt. Similarly, icc_rt get's installed as a dependency for other packages.

I guess these are 'light' versions of impi and icc. How do these work when I already have the full parallel suite installed?



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Hi Victor,

The required runtimes are fetched from the conda-channel when they're not found in installation of Intel Distribution for Python. There's some redundancy with regards to the runtimes that are shipped with the Parallel Studio and IDP - we're working on reducing this redundancy. In the meantime, should you fetch any package from conda-channel that requires fulfillment of runtime dependencies that aren't present in IDP's installation, those requirements would be satisfied from conda-channel.


To add to Rohit's answer. Python will use its own copies of impi and icc libraries, even when you have parallel studio installed. The versions in intel python stay in sync with parallel studio so this should not be a problem.

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