How to install TFLearn?

How to install TFLearn?


I install Intel Distribution for Python, Tensorflow and a few other libraries using Anaconda.

conda config --add channels intel
conda create -n idp intelpython3_core python=3.5
source activate idp
conda install numpy pandas matplotlib jupyter scikit-learn tensorflow

I need to install TFLearn in this virtual environment too. I can't find it in Anaconda repository. And, if I install it using pip, it downgrades Tensorflow and I start getting performance warnings.

What should be the correct way of installing all of them together?

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Hi Mustafa,

You can pip install tflearn without pip changing existing dependencies through this command:

pip install -U --no-deps tflearn

Also, you should conda install "pillow", before pip installing tflearn, it's a runtime dependency of tflearn.


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