Conda update from Intel Environment

Conda update from Intel Environment


I have very hard time while i am trying to update Anaconda packages when i am in Intel Network. 

Is any way to allow Anaconda updates from Intel Environment?

Thank you


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A common problem is configuring the proxy to pull files from outside the corporate firewall. The symptom of this problem is that the update hangs or gives a timeout message. On windows, it relies on the system proxy that you set for the browser. On linux you need to set the https_proxy environment variable to the proxy provided by your IT department.

You reported that you fixed the problem by running the Anaconda shell as administrator on windows. That means that python was installed as administrator, so you need to be adminstrator to update the files.


Hello and thank you for response.

Seems issue resolved with "Run as administrator" for anaconda prompt.

BTW, where to update these constants?

Thank you

I edited my comment to explain that my solution was for linux, but you apparently are on windows and were experiencing a different problem.

Thank you

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