Debugging Symbols

Debugging Symbols

Hi, where can I find the debugging symbols (i.e. python36.pdb) for mixed c++ code debugging??


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python36.pdb is not currently being a part of Intel(R) Distribution for Python* on Windows.

As a work-around you can install python from Anaconda, which does come with python36.pdb

To do that, perform the following steps

1. Clone your current IDP environment, assuming it has name intel. 

conda create -n pydbg --clone intel

2. Activate it using 

activate pydbg

3. To install Anaconda's python into it, you would need to uninstall meta-packages firtst:

conda remove inputpython3_core
conda install -c python=3.6

4. Confirm that you have %CONDA_PREFIX%/python36.pdb

Try debugging your application in this environment, using the Python PDB file.

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