Intel-optimized TensorFlow available in default Anaconda Channel now!

Intel-optimized TensorFlow available in default Anaconda Channel now!

Updated 8/9/2018:  Intel optimized TensorFlow 1.9 wheels and conda packages in Intel channel are made available now! Refer the Install guide for the installation instructions to get the latest Intel Optimized TensorFlow. 

Starting from TensorFlow v1.9, Anaconda will continue to build TensorFlow with MKL-DNN optimizations and distribute in their main deliver a high performance TensorFlow.

Made currently available for Linux platform, if you are using conda package manager, Just follow the instruction below to get the latest and highly optimized TensorFlow.

conda install tensorflow


conda install tensorflow -c anaconda

If you are not using conda package manager, Intel will distribute the latest version(1.9) of optimized-TensorFlow wheels shortly. However, older version wheels are made available. For more details, Click Here

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Hi Preethi,


I installed tensorflow in my Windows 10 through conda install -c anaconda tensorflow.  Now how do I make sure that this tensorflow build is using Intel MKL-DNN primitives.  In other words, is there a command inside tensorflow to check this similar to checking if tensorflow is using GPU.




Hi Srinivasan,

Right now the optimized TF 1.9 is available only for Linux OS

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