Unable to read tiff file in text-detection-demo

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019 - 12:48

Unable to read tiff file in text-detection-demo

Hello there,

I was trying out the text_detection_demo available in the OpenVino toolkit. I was able to read all the video files. I was even successful in detecting and reading texts through camera with a little modification in the source code, but in case of image files i was unable to read the tiff image file. Can anyone tell me what needs to be done to be able to read the tiff files?Do i need to use libtiff header files and do some modifications or is there any other method? Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank You

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Check if the opencv that was built in openvino works with TIFF files.
You can check on this file: /opt/intel/openvino_2019.3.376/opencv/build_params.txt there is a line with: 

Hello Saura.

As an example, you could check how tiff files reading is implemented in 3D Segmentation Python Demo - https://github.com/opencv/open_model_zoo/blob/master/demos/python_demos/...

Readme - https://docs.openvinotoolkit.org/2019_R1/_inference_engine_ie_bridges_py...

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