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Monday, February 10, 2020 - 19:20 not found

After installing l_openvino_toolkit_runtime_raspbian_p_20020.1.023 and launching the action_recognition demo program, the attached error occurred. (2020-02-11-175734_1184x624_scrot.png)
I checked the location according to the error message that the specified library could not be found.

This code was valid in version 2019.3.334 does not seem to be automatically by the installation.
Do I need to create my own according to the contents of

Please let me know if the specification method is wrong.

Downloadapplication/zip screenshot.zip298.08 KB
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Hi Moriki,

The Action Recognition Demo is not supported by the MYRIAD Plugin and will not work on the Raspberry Pi as the decoder will need to run on an Intel CPU. Take a look at this table in this document to see which demos/modes are supported by device.

Regarding the error, could you share the steps to reproduce as I did not see this error. Which command, demo and model did you use?




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